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Maximize Your Giving By Using EFT's

The most cost-effective way to handle recurring contributions to That They May Know is through Electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The benefits of giving via automatic transfers or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) include:

  • Easier and Safer: No checks to remember to mail and your transfer is more secure than using a credit card.
  • Efficient: Your contributions are regular, and usually take a few hours instead of days to process.
  • Maximizes your contributions: Credit card fees can take quite a bite (often over 3%) and are deducted from the funds you meant for the Missionary. Using lower cost EFT’s means that simply more money goes to That They May Know and less to the credit card companies.

How to set up a monthly EFT:

The form below can be filled out while you are online and then printed out, signed and mailed to the address on the form.

Or, download the form to print out later, complete by hand, sign and mail.

TTMK-ETF-Debits-Form (182 KB)
(Adobe Acrobat Reader required)